Micro Markets

What Is a Micro Market?

Instead of your only choices being salty, deep fried snacks or sugary soft drink and high calorie candy....

Micro Markets transform your employee break room into a convenience store atmosphere with a multitude of products and check out options that vending machines cannot offer.

In a micro market you get the options you want for lunch whether it's healthy, fresh food or the quick, comfort food that you want. It's your choices, your way!

micro market 2

What Will It Look Like?

From the simple to the elaborate, 32Markets are exactly what you need - in the space you have! Markets come in all shapes and sizes and fit in all different spaces. There is a vast selection of market equipment on www.32MarketStore.com

Three Square Markets can be found nationwide and work in a number of different types of business from technology based environments, to a local jail, to an industrial park! A few of our clients include Ford, GM, Comcast, Southwest Airlines, GE Amazon and more!

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Three Square Market Promo