Fresh Food Vending Machines

With more and more people committing to healthier diets, Servco is leading the way towards healthier vending options. From using the latest technological vending machines, to providing fresh micro markets and spearheading wellness programs like Healthy Select, we are constantly delivering inventive healthy vending choices to our clients and customers.

At Servco we pride ourselves in carrying brands that other vendors do not carry. We work hard to expand our product line beyond profit margins to meet and exceed customer demands. Our fresh food vending machines include fresh, organic and nutritious items such as yogurts, fresh fruit, salads, and sandwiches. The Healthy Select line includes products from the top food companies including Dole, Kraft, River Ranch, Nature's Healthy Snacks, Fresh Express, Earthbound Farms, Kellogg's, Market Express and more!

What our cold beverage machines offer:
  • Offering healthy products that other vending services don't
  • Touchscreens and Digital signage
  • Ensured product freshness by meeting all food safety standards
  • Items packaged air tight to preserve freshness
  • Low energy LED lighting
  • Take credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay
If you need more healthier choices then contact us about setting up a mirco market which provide more product variety. We have the solutions to any of your healthy vending needs.

healthy-snack machine.jpg