Cold Beverage Vending Machines

At Servco we offer a wide variety of cold beverages to quench any thirst. We provide standard vending machines and vending machines with the newest technology all stocked with the most popular drinks. Stay hydrated with our selection of water, juices, calorie free drinks, energy drinks and your favorite sodas. We offer all Coke and Pepsi products, 7up, Snapple and a wide selection of healthful drinks from the most popular beverage companies. Our machines are completely customizable so that you can choose your customers or employees favorite drinks!

If you desire something icy and smooth we also offer slushy and margarita vending machines. Slush beverages offer a simple way to add an exciting traffic builder to any business. With a Servco slushy or margarita machine, you can feature something for every taste, including fruity, flavored frozen slushes and delicious and popular gourmet frozen iced teas and coffees.

What our cold beverage machines offer:
  • Take credit cards, debit cards and Apple Pay
  • Touchscreens and digital signage
  • Highest quality name-brand Energy Star Rated machines.
  • We carry all Coke and Pepsi products plus a wide selection of healthy beverages from top companies.
  • Slushy and margarita drinks
  • Customizable by you
Our beverage vending machines are perfect for any sized location. Contact us today and we can assess your available space and consumer preferences and help you decide and customize the best beverage vending machine options for your business.

cold beverage machine